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Do’s & Don’ts, Prohibitions, and Umrah Tips for Ladies

Umrah Tips for Ladies

Umrah tips for ladies are important as it is for gents to follow them during their journey. Umrah is a sacred act of worship that holds deep meaning and cultural significance in Islam. Whether it is men or women, everyone finds the concept of Umrah intriguing. Therefore, they show interest in performing Umrah at least […]

Important Tips to Perform a Healthy Umrah

Perform a Healthy Umrah

Millions of Muslims express their will to perform a healthy Umrah every year. But, only the fortunate ones can experience this sacred pilgrimage. The number of visitors that Umrah witnesses throughout the year is quite huge. Millions of people visit there to cleanse their past sins and seek blessings from Allah while performing Umrah. Visiting […]

What’s the Difference Between Hajj and Umrah?

Difference Between Hajj and Umrah

Did you know that Hajj and Umrah are not similar? These are the act of worship in the Islamic culture but there’s a difference between Hajj and Umrah. To understand the concept of Umrah and Hajj, we must first find out what they are and their impact on Islam. Before reading further, you must know […]